A sculpture of a hand making a thumbs up with good job! written in the middle

Roscoe Central School recently announced the students named to the honor rolls for the second marking period. To be named to the superintendent’s honors roll, students must have an average of 94.5 or above. High honors are given to students who earned an average between 89.5 and 94.5. Honor roll students have averages between 84.5 and 89.4.

12th grade

Superintendent’s honor: Meagan McDoal, Kansas Miner and Samantha Powell.

High honor: Jade Baker, Liam Haering, Ava Hesse, Ashlee Ladenhauf, Jacqueline Lambe, Alexis O’Shaughnessy and Joseph Park.

Honor: Samantha Bonilla

11th grade

Superintendent’s honor: Sarah Gorr.

High honor: Isabella Francisco, Selina Fritz, Angelina Hund and Aiden Johnston.

Honor: Robert Buck, Zaylee Cox, Athena Niforatos, Cameron Revicki and Anthony Zamenick.

10th grade

Superintendent’s honor: Rebecca Gashinsky and Wesley Kinne.

High honor:  Braden Powell

Honor: Emily Irwin and Tanner McAdams.

Ninth grade

Superintendent’s honor:   Robert Eckert and Lana Gardner.

High honor: Brooke Bull, Julia Meola, Nicole Phillips, Adam Rivera, Logan Schmeiser and Olivia Stickle

Honor: Gabriella Alger, Leah Ladenhauf, Marc Nieves, Gregory Poptanich, James Rider, Kelsey Ryder, Emma Sullivan and Jacob Tucker.

Eighth grade

Superintendent’s honor: David Huezo-Pineda, Benjamin Johnston and Anastasia Niforatos

High honor: Hayden Bowers, Brooke Coman and Lydia DeVantier.

Honor: Celeste D’Andrea, Elizabeth Herrmann and Cullen Hess.

Seventh grade

Superintendent’s honor: Lily Green.

High honor: Cooper Antizzo, Andrea Bush, Samantha Davis, Evyn Morgentaler, Gavin Thomas and Emily Trotti.

Honor: Abreena Grossman, Abigail Kinne, Kiara Norwood, and Tanner Ward.

Sixth grade

Superintendent’s honor: Lilyana Pitre.

High honor: Mila Park

Honor: Emma Buck, Samantha Bull, Robert Davis, Valentine Orosco and Joel Tucker.

Fifth grade

Superintendent’s honor: Finley Hess, Tessa Hyzer and  Evelina Piatek

High honor: Aubree McBride, Annalee Morgentaler and Levi Wood.

Honor: Carson Branch, BrendaLynn Kenny, Marcus Ibarra, Quynn Parker and Jayda Teipelke.

Well done, students!