A sculpture of a hand making a thumbs up with good job! written in the middle

The following students were named to the honor rolls for the first marking period at Roscoe Central School:

!2th grade

Superintendent's Honor: Jacqueline Lambe and Meagan McDoal.

High Honor: Jade Baker, Liam Haering, Lauren Kirk, Ashlee Ladenhau, Kansas Miner and Samantha Powell.                    

Honor: Samantha Bonilla, Ava Hesse, Alexis O’Shaughnessy, Joseph Park and Anthony Teipelke.   

11th grade

Superintendent's Honor: Sarah Gorr.

High Honor: Angelina Hund and Aiden Johnston.

Honor: Robert Buck, Zaylee Cox, Isabella Francisco, Selina Fritz, Athena Niforatos and Anthony Zamenick. 

10th grade

Superintendent's Honor: Rebecca Gashinsky and Wesley Kinne.

High Honor: Braden Powell.

Honor: Tanner McAdams.

Ninth grade

Superintendent's Honor: Robert Eckert.

High Honor: Lana Gardner, Adam Rivera and Olivia Stickle.

Honor: Gabriella Alger, Julia Meola, Gregory Poptanich and Jacob Tucker

Eighth grade

Superintendent's Honor: Benjamin Johnston and Anastasia Niforatos

High Honor: Hayden Bowers. Brooke Coman, Celeste D’Andrea, Lydia DeVantier,            Elizabeth Herrmann and David Huezo-Pineda.

Honor: Cullen Hess and Logan Thomas.

Seventh grade

Superintendent's Honor: Andrea Bush, Lily Green and Emily Trotti.

High Honor: Cooper Antizzo and Kiara Norwood.

Honor: Samantha Davis, Hunter Feeney, Abigail Kinne, Evyn Morgentaler, Mason Trautschold and Tanner Ward.

Sixth grade

Superintendent's Honor: Mila Park and Samantha Bull.

High Honor: Lilyana Pitre and Rose Beyea.

Honor: Emma Buck, Lauren Day. Caiden Boylan and Joel Tucker.

Fifth grade

Superintendent's Honor: Tessa Hyzer.

High Honor: Finley Hess, Annalee Morgentaler, Aubree McBride and Levi Wood.

Honor: Evelina Piatek, Jayda Teipelke, Carson Branch, BrendaLynn Kenny, Marcus Ibarra and Quynn Parker.