Mary Margaret Green stands in the high school library

Roscoe teacher Mary Margaret Green has been selected as one of the recipients of the Mid-Hudson School Study Council’s Teaching Excellence Awards for 2022.

This award is designed to recognize teachers who have demonstrated excellence in achieving the educational mission in their district.

Green, who has worked at Roscoe Central School for 15 years, is the school's media specialist and family and consumer sciences teacher She began her career as a paralegal, with the intention of becoming a lawyer, she said. But after 17 years, she decided she needed a career change.

"I don't know how I came about this program at SUNY Oneonta," she said.

The program allowed her to gain her teaching certificate in family and consumer sciences. She later got her secondary certification as a school library media specialist. She joined the Roscoe teaching staff in 2007 as the school's librarian. In 2013, she also began teaching family and consumer science classes.

In nominating Green for the award, Roscoe Superintendent John Evans cited her "dedication to the teaching profession (that) goes above and beyond the classroom," pointing out her leadership in many school and community initiatives.

"It's nice that people see what I'm doing and feel I am worthy of that award," Green said of the honor. "But I always try to improve and find new ways to present things and reach the students. There is always room for growth."

School administration recognized her efforts, stating in the nomination letter: "Mrs. Green conscientiously seeks professional development that will enrich her teaching methods to engage students in order to meet the level of knowledge required to be successful in the rapidly evolving world.

"Mary is a tremendous asset to Roscoe Central School and the community," the letter continued. "Beyond the classroom, Mary has taken on the challenge of developing an award-winning Jr. Iron Chef team. She has entered student-created chili in a community competition. She partners with the community based Single Bite Program to support our eighth graders' participation in field trips to local farms and restaurants to learn about healthy eating habits. Mrs. Green seeks out community experts to come into her classes to present information about topics and careers that are of interest to her students."

Green is among 12 Teaching Excellence award winners, and others, who will be honored at a ceremony at the North Rockland Central School Districts Fieldstone Auditorium on May 12.