Voters fill out and file ballots and exit surveys

Roscoe Central School District voters rejected the district’s $10.7 million budget proposal that carried an 11.54% tax levy increase.

The vote was 141-136. Although the majority of voters approved the measure, a supermajority 60% approval was required for passage as the proposed tax levy increase was above the district’s calculated tax levy limit of 3.23%.

“The proposal we put forward focused on keeping student programs at a level families are used to while trying to balance the financial needs of our families,” Superintendent John Evans said. “We thank the voters for letting their voices be heard. The board and administration will meet soon to decide how we will move forward.”

When a proposed school budget is defeated at the polls, the board of education has three options, according to state law. Board members may decide to put the same budget up for vote a second time, put a revised budget up for vote or go directly to a contingent budget. If voters reject the budget proposal a second time, the board must enact a contingent budget, which for Roscoe would require cutting $636,114 from the original budget.

Voters also elected two members to the Board of Education. Tasse Niforatos will serve a seventh term, with 227 votes, and Joe Langan, who earned 190 votes, will join the board; both terms are for three years.