A person holds a pencil filling in an exam

Final exams and Regents exams are posted on the RCS School Calendar.

The last regular day of school for students in Grades 7 to 12 is Tuesday, June 14. This will be a full day of school. After that, students in those grades will need to come in for scheduled final exams and Regents exams. All final exams and Regents exams dates and times will be available for parents to view on the RCS calendar. For students in grades 7-12, attendance is taken in the exam rooms only . 

Bus transportation will be available as usual. However, these students (in grades 7-12 only) may leave the school building when they are finished with exams for the day. If they have an exam in the morning and in the afternoon, they may NOT leave the building in between these exams. 

There will be supervision in the school cafeteria ALL day and students will be able to eat, visit and study in that location in between morning and afternoon exams. 

Again, students must be completely finished with their exams for the day, and sign out at the lobby desk before leaving the building. If they leave the school building after their exams are finished for the day, they may NOT return to the school building to take the bus home. Parents should be aware of this and plan accordingly with their children. 

Students in grades 7-12 are considered responsible for knowing what they need to do during this timeframe and notes regarding parent pick-ups or permission to leave and walk downtown are not necessary.