• Welcome to MAY.  It is a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air.  The purpose of this link will be to offer suggestions for activities and healthy meals and snacks for your family to try.  The goal is to turn around our counties poor standing (61st out of 62 counties) as the second to last healthiest county in New York State...this is nothing to brag about!

     This page was created to offer suggestions for healthy activities and foods that are of little or no cost.  The challenge is see if we can help turn our standings in New York State around, one family at a time!  

     The attached links offer some some healthy meals (easy crockpot meals) and snacks that your family can try.  What better way to get the most out of the daylight then by  letting a crockpot cook your dinner!

     The list below offers some fun outdoor (or indoor when the weather isn't good-but we don't want to sit in front of a screen all day) activities that your family can try.  See how many you can try to acomplish over the next month.  Is your family up for the challenge??

    • Go for a hike
    • Go for a bike ride
    • Play a game of wiffle ball, basketball, etc.
    • Try a new board game
    • Rake your lawn
    • Clean off the porch (as a family)
    • Plant a garden
    • Go fishing
    • Have a craft day
    • Take a wlak after dinner
    • Toss a frisbee or football to each other
    • Go to the park and play
    • Have a picnic
    • Play hopscotch

    Have a great time enjoying all that the nice weather has to offer.