A person sits at a table filling out a ballot with the ballot reader at right

After Roscoe Central School District lowered the proposed 2023-24 budget by more than $450,000 and brought the proposed tax levy increase to the calculated tax levy limit of 3.23%, voters approved the nearly $10.3 million measure 190-67 on June 20.

The $10,288,047 budget only needed a simple majority (50%+1) of votes in favor for approval. The first budget proposal was defeated 144-136 because it lacked a supermajority (60%) approval which was required since the proposed tax levy increase of 11.54% was above the district’s tax cap.

“We thank the voters for their support of this reduced budget,” Superintendent John Evans said. “This budget reflected what we heard from the voters on May 16.” 

If the budget had been defeated, the district would have needed to institute a contingent budget that would have held the tax levy to the same as last year and would have required severe program and staffing cuts.